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Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Part #: 1044NA

PalmOne introduces the all-new LifeDrive mobile manager. With a 3.85 gig user accessible hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, you can easily carry all the essentials of your busy life and use them as you will. Files and folders from your desktop computer, 300 songs, 2.5 hours of video, vacation photos, and more are right there with you. Quickly drag and drop files from your PC onto your LifeDrive mobile manager. Folder structure remains intact so you can easily locate important information when you need it. Select the files you want to keep in sync, and automatically update them whenever you sync with your computer. Use your device like you would any USB removable drive to easily upload files to any PC or Macintosh. Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b and Bluetooth v1.1 Access your POP, IMAP and Exchange email accounts via Bluetooth Use Bluetooth to connect to compatible devices nearby-sync with your Bluetooth laptop, wirelessly send a document to a Bluetooth printer or dial a Bluetooth phone. Retrieve documents from your desktop computer with the WiFile software. Use the included web browser, optimized for the mobile surfing experience. Service provider and an ISP, sold separately. Some Wi-Fi hotspots require fee for usage. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or VPN may be required. Within wireless service coverage area and requires a connection to the same network that the networked computers are on Support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat More room for MP3 files, photos and video clips Built-in voice recorder Camera companion and camera companion software Expansion possibilities with built-in expansion card slot which supports SD, SDIO and Multimedia Card formats. Optional GPS Road Navigator transforms your LifeDrive device into an in-car navigation tool. Portable wireless keyboard unfolds to full size for work on the go, which is bought separately. Included Addit

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