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The Poker Whiz Wheel and Texas Holdem Teacher

The Poker Whiz Wheel and Texas Holdem Teacher

Part #: poker trainer

  • Whiz Wheel is designed to integrate hand selection, position and table composition
  • Poker accessory is proven to 'maximize opportunities, while minimizing risk'
  • Wheel provides recommendations on how to play the 169 two-card Texas Hold'em combinations
  • Provides hand rankings, relative strength and action based on multiple positions and numerous opponents from heads-up to a full table
  • Made of two rotating plastic discs rotating on the top and bottom of the center disc
  • Durable and manufactured out of industrial strength plastic/laminate which will outlast any book or strategy chart to date
  • One side displays all the 'suited' hand combinations and the other displays the 'off-suit' combinations.
  • First column identifies the hand ranking of the hand out of 169 combinations; the next three columns provide recommended play action in early, middle, and late position; the last column provides the relative hand strength of the hand against any random hand heads-up
  • Color-coded background associated with each hand combination, allowing players to know the maximum number of players to play a particular hand against
Poker Whiz Wheel, LLC, assumes no responsibility for monetary gains and/or losses incurred from the use of this product. For entertainment and educational purposes only

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