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Good Bad and the Beautiful-Bikini Academy

Good Bad and the Beautiful-Bikini Academy

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Hard Bodies - Hot Lead! When cocktail waitress Annie (Nicole Sheridan) inherits the Devil's Ring Casino in Nevada, she discovers it's really a run-down ghost town crawling with snakes, coyotes, and real life spooks! It seems everyone wants to get their hands on Annie's turf, but the pesky ghost of Calamity Kate sends the outlaws running for cover in this healthy, heaping dose of sex and six-guns! Plus: Curvaceous, thong-busting cuties do their best to keep the beaches safe and start busting out all over in Bikini Academy, a sexy comedy treat starring Tane McClure (Legally Blonde) and Raelynn Saalman (Attack Of The 60 Foot Centerfold).

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