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1-Port Ruggedized Serial I/O PC Card Serial Adapter

1-Port Ruggedized Serial I/O PC Card Serial Adapter

Brand: Socket Communications, Inc.
Part #: SL0707078

From Socket Communications, this mobile RS-232 serial port will stand up to anything. It is a ruggedized version of Socket's serial I/O card. It conforms to a PCMCIA Type II Form Factor and you can take this with you anywhere you go. Its physical characteristics make it ideal for industrial or field applications. A fully integrated fixed cable maintains solid contact in high vibration situations (when the card is used with a PC mounted in an all-terrain vehicle, for example). A molded strain relief protects against lateral stress and seals out dust and moisture. A sonic welded case adds rigidity to resist torque which can crack circuit board traces. This whole arrangement has ultra-low power consumption, only 5 mA in standby mode, compared to over 50 mA for other serial PC Cards.

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