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Secret Weapon Intake (Mercedes | C Class | 94-05)

Secret Weapon Intake (Mercedes | C Class | 94-05)

Brand: Weapon R

  • The air filter can be totally taken apart and cleaned. The foam is denser and more thicker than the Dragon filter.
  • The velocity stank inside the air filter is a TRUE VELOCITY STACK. The Air filter has Ram Air capability, by hooking up the hose to the top of the air filter.
  • The intake has another Air Passage way inside the intake pipe to create a Air Fusion, imagine 2 different pathways of air inside the intake pipe, one air traveling in pathway #1 going 2 x faster than pathway #2. When the two different pathways of airflow meet at the end of the pipe they create a fusion effect which enhances the AIR SPEED of the by 3 times.
The Secret Weapon Intake Systems is an result of countless hours of testing and tuning of air intake velocity, Airmass and Airspeed for each vehicle application. The Result, an intake system that performs better than any Cold Air Intake, but with a Short Ram. It is possible by Weapon*R's Patent Pending Speed Velocity theory, By creating a higher airspeed in the intake path you increase airmass and airspeed, which greatly increase horsepower.

This is possible by Creating two different paths of airflow, both flowing at different airspeeds, due to the tubing diameter in which the air is traveling. Now when the 2 different paths of air meet,they create a vacuum, which is where the airspeed starts to multiply, forcing more air into the engine at a higher rate, creating more horsepower.

The Secret Weapon Intake Systems are carefully CNC mendrel bent out of 6061 Aluminum, and then Hand Tig Welded in sections to ensure a constant balance in airflow, regulation in airspeed, positive seal and proper fittment.

Kit includes all the couplings and clamps brackets.

Engine: v6

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