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Diamond Multimedia - SupraMax V.92 56K PCI FaxModem (SM56PCIWB)

Diamond Multimedia - SupraMax V.92 56K PCI FaxModem (SM56PCIWB)

Brand: Diamond


FEATURES- SupraMax PCI Pro 56K Modem- White box pack
Controller-based PCI 56K modem for faster preformance at a great
Diamond Supra unleashes the highest performance SupraMax modems with
newly adopted ITU, V.92 and V.44 compression standards.
SupraMax gives you the advantages of extensive analog access to the
Internet with an added boost of speed over earlier standards. These
improvements include accelerated upstream data transfers (up to
40% faster), faster Internet dial-up connection times using an
intelligent start-up sequence, and advanced compression algorithms
that let you send common file type (such as HTML, e-mail, and
executable files) more efficiently.
The Modem-On-Hold feature lets you receive incoming voice calls
without dropping your current modem connections. And, because the
SupraMax V.92 is backward compatible with V.90 and earlier
standards, you can relax and enjoy faster Internet speeds without
* V.92 is an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard for
analog modem connections, a new improvement over the existing V.90.
Though the top speed for downloads is still 56K, V.92 has a number of
* There are four important benefits to the V.92 standard; Quick Connect,
Modem-on-hold, PCM upstream and V.44 data compression.
- Quick Connect - by reducing the amount of time it takes for the modem
and server to handshake, connect time is reduced dramatically. Instead
of taking around 25 seconds to connect, this may be reduced to 8
- Modem-on-hold - the end user can put the modem on hold and stay
connected to the Internet. The user can take an incoming voice call, or
even place a call while sti

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