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Adjustable Pitch Propeller 14.5" x 14-22"

Adjustable Pitch Propeller 14.5" x 14-22"

Brand: ProPulse

Propeller 9903

Propeller diameter: 14.5"
Pitch range: adjustable from 14" to 22"
Spline count: 19
Propeller shaft diameter: 25mm
Gear Case diameter: 109mm

Included in box:
-Propeller 9903
-One extra blade 9501
-Stainless washer
-Hex key 1602
-Operating instruction
-Fitting details S9

Right for every situation

Optimum performance
Adjustable pitch: In just a few minutes you can adjust the pitch and set your boat up for optimum performance in every situation (e.g. watersking, heavy or light loads..)

With the right pitch (the pitch which provides the rpm recommended by the engine makers at full throttle) you achieve faster speeds, lower fuel consumption and better overall handling.

Maximum economy
Replaceable blades: After running aground it's easy to change the damaged blades on the spot and continue your trip without delay, at lower cost than repairing or buying a new propeller.

Maximum Strength
Composites: In the same way as today's Formula 1 cars are made of composites and carbon fiber materials to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight. ProPulse blades are made of composites which are stronger and 40% lighter than aluminum

ProPulse blades are not affected by corrosion or pitting as aluminium propellers are, and retain their pristine finish even after several years' use.

Maximum reliability
Three-year guarantee: ProPulse is a Swedish quality product, with a 3-year guarantee on the hub.

Fits to BrandModelYear
OMC Stern DriveSX Cobra & OMC Cobra 3.0-5.7L94-
VolvoSX 3.0-5.7L94-

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