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Spinner Books: Can You Beat Ken?

Spinner Books: Can You Beat Ken?

Brand: Spinner Books
Part #: 81175

Sure, Ken holds all the records-but can he handle you in the categories where you're the expert? Fun for partying with friends or enjoying alone, Can You Beat Ken gives readers a chance to outwit the ultimate Jeopardy champ. Readers rack up points while trying to beat Ken and claim the crown of ultimate champ! Great fun for trivia buffs, Jeopardy fans, and know-it-alls of all kinds. Includes hundreds of challenging and quirky questions-EXAMPLES: Q: Who was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, or Linus Pauling? Q: True or False-Actor John Lithgow graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and was a Fulbright Scholar? ANSWERS: Marie Curie; True.

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