Collage of Hockey Memories Unisex Heavy Cotton T-Shirt Small

EMP100290-TS-SS-S by Emption
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This vibrant and dynamic illustration captures the heart and soul of hockey culture. The central figure, clad in fiery red, stands tall amidst a tapestry of iconic elements associated with the sport. Here’s a breakdown of what this captivating collage entails... The Hockey Player: Our protagonist, a hockey player, exudes determination and passion. Their poised stance suggests readiness for action. The red jersey symbolizes intensity, perhaps representing a fierce rivalry or a crucial game. Hockey Artifacts: Crossed Sticks: A timeless motif, these crossed hockey sticks evoke memories of slap shots, precision passes, and camaraderie on the ice. The Puck: A black puck, frozen in mid-flight, embodies the heart-pounding moments of a game—swift and unpredictable. The Cap: Resting nearby, a well-worn cap bears the insignia of a team or a cherished memory. It’s a nod to the camaraderie shared off the rink. Sunglasses: Reflective lenses hint at the player’s cool confidence, shielding their eyes from both sun and spotlight. Achievements and Aspirations: The Trophy: Proudly displayed on a wooden base, it signifies victories, hard work, and dreams realized. Refreshments: A steaming cup of coffee—perhaps a pre-game ritual—and a glass of beer, post-match celebrations with teammates. Nature’s Presence: A single maple leaf, delicately placed, whispers of Canadian origins.


  • Made with medium fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²)) consisting of 100% cotton for year-round comfort that is sustainable and highly durable.
  • The classic fit of this shirt ensures a comfy, relaxed wear while the crew neckline adds that neat, timeless look that can blend into any occasion, casual or semi-formal.
  • The tear-away label means a scratch-free experience with no irritation or discomfort whatsoever.
  • Made using 100% US cotton that is ethically grown and harvested. Gildan is also a proud member of the US Cotton Trust Protocol ensuring ethical and sustainable means of production. This blank tee is certified by Oeko-Tex for safety and quality assurance.


  • Weight: 0.33 pounds
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash: Warm
  • Made in the USA
  • Crew Neck